Infographic: How the World Reads

Did you know that people in India read the most, at an average of 10.4 hours a week? Or that reading can enhance your memory and lessen your chances of getting Alzheimer’s?

When I worked from Australia last year, my colleagues were surprised to find out how much time I spent reading. And how often I would visit the bookstores. And how much money I was spending on books. Why wasn’t I doing sports instead? they asked.

Of all the things to get culture shock from, I was definitely not expecting books. My reading habit is considered the norm in the Philippines. I know many people who spend more hours reading on the average than I do.

Turns out, how often you read is all relative. The infographic below by FeelGoodContacts shows that the Philippines comes in fourth in hours spent reading (whereas Australia doesn’t even appear in the list). For more interesting facts about reading, check out the infographic below… then raise your own country’s average by reading!

How the World ReadsPlease include attribution to with this graphic.


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