Project 2017 (Update #1 of n?)

I’ve decided. Project 2017 will be all about FOCUS.

Something I know I’ve always been bad at, but something I know I need to meet the project objectives.

The target for the first week of 2017 is to clean up 2016 leftovers.

While transitioning bullet journals, I realized I had tasks in my future log that I never got around to doing. Things that weren’t urgent but had value: Updating my resume, setting medical appointments, renewing my passsport, etc.

I can’t expect to complete them all in one week, but the target is to do the hardest step: START. Start on all the leftover tasks. Have a plan in place for all. Plan out when to do the next steps.

That’s what my first week will be all about.

danna is a dork

At around this time each year, I take some time to reflect. What were the year’s highlights? Lowlights? What were the mundane but should not be forgotten?

And then I’d think of a theme. A catchy word or phrase that sums up the year.

Except 2014.

In 2014 I didn’t even need to reflect. I KNEW what the theme was.

The Year of Firsts.

I tried a lot of things for the first time that year. From big things like formally learning 日本語 (Japanese language), to small things like watching a movie alone. I explored side streets as often as I could and tried their hole-in-the-wall restaurants. The gastronomic adventures weren’t always successful–curse you weak stomach!–but they were adventures nonetheless.

All because I made one tiny resolution at the start of 2014: To scare the shit out of myself, as often as possible.

And I realize now, as I’m struggling to come…

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3 thoughts on “Project 2017 (Update #1 of n?)”

  1. Hello Danna, I love your blog. It motivates me a lot. I’m in a bit of a transition phase. I’ve made mistakes but since the last 3 months I’ve dramatically changed my are really organised.
    Just a few questions:
    How do you keep direction in your life, how do you keep motivated and maintain self discipline, how do you do the things you need to do ?

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    1. First of all, congratulations on your progress! Please know I’m proud not only of what you’ve accomplished, but also of the effort you put in.

      Second, thank you. I’m happy to hear my blog has been of help.

      Now for those big questions. To be honest, I delayed responding to your comment because I wanted to come up with good answers. I’ve never consciously thought about these things before. So thank you, these questions really made me think. And while these answers may not be good, I hope they can be of help.

      On Direction: I’m pretty bad at “keeping” direction. I go with what I feel is right at the time, but always under practical circumstances (this podcast explains those practicalities very well). As of late, after going through a bit of life drama, I’ve come to adhere to the cliche of following my internal compass.

      On Motivation: Ah, I struggle with motivation as well. Thinking of WHY I want to do something helps. e.g., On eating a slice of cake…

      …I can’t fit into my favorite pants anymore. I love my pants more than cake so I won’t eat.
      …Or: But this is my sister’s birthday cake. I love my sister more than my pants so I’ll eat to make her happy.

      Think of specific WHYs and consider your priorities (sister > pants > cake).

      On Self-discipline: A while back I watched a train-your-dog show on TV. It said the trick was to find your dog’s “currency”; Find out what makes your dog tick. I realized the same goes for humans as well (it’s the same concept behind love languages).

      I’ve found that I’m 1: lazy and 2: committed to my word.

      So I try to keep tasks simple, but I make sure to write down those tasks as I would a contract and make sure at least one other person knows I’m working on them.

      I hope you’re able to find what makes you tick! Good luck!


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