GameSpace: Visualizing videogame likeness.

When I first started getting into data science, one of the projects I had set out to do was to build a visual and interactive database/recommendation engine for games.

The idea was the system would build you a car based on your preferences (games you already love), and then drop you at some random point in a data landscape visualization of thousands of games. You drive around and explore this landscape: mountains indicate games closer to your preference, while valleys are games you’re likely to hate.

Well, researchers from UC Santa Cruz beat me to it. GameSpace now exists:

GameSpace is a visualization of the videogame medium as an explorable 3D space. Each of the nearly 16,000 stars in its galaxy represents an actual game that exists in the real world, and stars are placed in the space such that more similar games are nearer to one another.

–What is this? GameSpace FAQ.

They used outer space where I had imagined roads, but the basic idea is the same.

Still, its a lovely thing to look at. Reminds me lot of the loading screen for No Man’s Sky, in itself a randomly-generated space exploration game.


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