Why modern work is so boring

Remember when I said specialization is out, generalists are in?

No? Let me remind you then.

The Book of Life just released a new chapter, “Why Modern Work Is So Boring.” The answer is the same as I’ve told you before:

One of the overriding reasons why modern work is so boring is that we keep having to do more or less the same thing every day. We have to be specialists, whereas we would – deep in our hearts – surely be so much more fulfilled if we could be wide-ranging, endlessly curious generalists.

The book points to the same cause as I did, which is division of labor.

Its interesting to note that their takeaway message is different from most. Rather than have a call to action to convince people to become generalists, they basically say, suck it up and do your part for society:

We have collectively chosen to make work pay more rather than be more interesting. It’s a sombre thought but a consoling one too. Our suffering is painful but it has a curious dignity to it, because it does not uniquely affect us as individuals…

…In suffering in this way, we are participating in the common human lot.

A message I can live with. Not necessarily a piece of advice I’ll follow, but one I respect and can find merit in.



Some suitable related reading:

The challenges of choosing a career speaks of how, collectively, we all stress about our careers and why we do so. Yes, its normal to stress.

And even if you don’t end up choosing the right career, its okay. The “right” career is all a myth anyway.

And one I’ve struggled with, the job investment trap.



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