About me

This may or may not be an accurate self-portrait.

My name is Danna.

In my lifetime I’ve been accused of being a dork, a nerd, and a geek. Like any protagonist from a high school sitcom, I used to be insecure about this.

But then the fire nation attacked this happened:

And so I’ve learned to embrace my dorkiness, nerdiness, and geekiness.

If you’ve ever been name-called in your life, you are very welcome here.

Why a dork?


Ask the name-callers.

What are you dorky/nerdy/geeky about?

Oh I geek out about the most random of things!

There’s tons more to be sure. If you think these topics are fascinating as well, stick around! I write about `em.

So you must be an author/gamer/lifehacker…?

Nah. I love `em, but none of them are my day job.

I work as an IT project manager in the finance industry (it’s not as boring as it sounds, I promise). This has nothing to do with my university degree in Chemical Engineering. And even less so my few weeks at law school (hated it).

There’s obviously a pattern here: I like trying out all sorts of things, if only to find out if I like it.

Professionally, you can checked out my LinkedIn.

Why the blog?

Because I also like writing.

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2002. I’m currently the editor-in-chief of our office’s infographics services (it’s not as glamorous as it sounds; mostly I just proofread). I was pretty active in writing clubs back in school as well. I may or may not have fanfiction buried deep somewhere in the depths of the Internet.

I’ve got a lot of stuff in my head. I thought the blog would be a great place to dump and flesh them out.

I’m not particularly good at writing, but I enjoy doing it nonetheless.

Okay, so why should I stick around?

Because unless you’re a hipster, you are very welcome here.

Heck, I’m changing my tagline. You do NOT need to be a dork, nerd, nor geek to be welcome here. Just don’t be a hipster.

Okay, okay. On a serious note, I have a tendency to overthink. Rather than fill my brain to overcapacity, I set up this blog in order to contain those thoughts. That’s the value for me.

What’s the value for you?

You’ll learn from my mistakes. I might think of something you haven’t considered before. You may secretly be my soulmate and you will never be sure unless you stick around long enough to find out.

Are you really against hipsters?

No. I just like making fun of them >:)

So what’s next?

Ask me questions! I’d love to pick your brain. Also, I’m building out an FAQ page and would appreciate the help.

Loved a post? Let me know with a ‘like’ or comment. I only have a few entries under my belt, but I’d love to put together a “best of” or “start here” guide for new readers.

Follow for more geek. I write actual blog posts here, and reserve the more fangirly stuff for my tumblr.


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